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    Trouble opening fla files


      Good evening,


      I rebuilt my system because Windows Vista was acting a bit wierd. After reinstalling all my programs and restoring my saved data everything is running fine, except when I attempt to open a fla file I get a "You don't have permission to open this file" message. I must confess that when I orginally built my system 3 years ago it was after a great dinner and consuming the better portion of a bottle of wine.  In that state, my username got misspelled.  In the current rebuild, I corrected that problem.  All of my documents ar now under a username with the correct spelling.  The only program that does not allow me to open old data files is Flash CS4.  Could the new username be the cause of my problem?  More importantly, what do I need to do to open those fla files?


      Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.