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    image editing

    LENGLAIN Level 1
      I am trying to make a little flipbook, but I havr the following problem

      Each page I want to make has to be a more or less perfect rectangle. Whenever I curve the pages or distort them, FLASH merely distorts the picture inside a white box. The actual page stays rectangular. Is it even possible to make pages of different shapes? Like a square page, then a triangular page, etc?

      Appreciate it,
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          Rothrock Level 5
          Since there are no pages in Flash I have no idea what you mean.
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            LENGLAIN Level 1
            Hey I mean the pages of the flipbook I'm making. I'm making a book that lets users flip through the pages. Each page of the book is a jpeg or other image file that I animate with Flash CS3. I wish I could post images on this forum but I don't know how.
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              clbeech Level 3
              I think you might be refering to the 'Stage'? the background 'white box'? This doesn't change once you set the size. If you want to make 'pages' that 'appear' to look like different shapes, make the background color th same as your HTML page. Also if you publish the file as a 'windowless transparent' file, the background is not rendered. You need to make the images of your 'pages' into movie clips and then manipulate them, to make them appear as though they are 'flipping'.