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    Nvidia fx4800, issues with playback pre render


      Hi Adobe land,


      We have a brand new PC with following specs, running latest Premiere Pro CS5:



      Dell XPS Studio

      i7 975 @ 3.33GHz

      Leadtek Nvidia fx4800 (windows)

      Windows 7 x64 Corporate

      6.0 Gb RAM


      Mercury playback with Hardware acceleration is turned ON




      When playing back a multi-video file, the pre render (yellow) bar comes up, but play back is still very choppy... Its running slower than the 480GTX we had in before the fx4800... It runs poorly on other aspects including render times etc..


      We have tried: changing Nvidia Drivers, re-installing windows, updating Premiere... what else can we do ?? As other apps seem to run fine with the Fx4800,     ... Very annoying as this card is the recommended card for this application, and its performing well below expectations.



      THANKS !!!