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    Image (Co. Logo) in Template header appears but not in Topic when viewing a topic which is attached to the Template

      I have an image (Co. logo) placed in the header of a template. Topics are attached to the template. I also have a separate page that has hyperlinks to the the Topics in the several books I have in the project.

      When I generate (WebHelp) project and view the output, here is what I see:

      If I open any topic by directly going to a book and then clicking on the topic, then I see the Co. Logo/image it is supposed to be pulling from the Template. However, if I view the same Topic by accessing it from a navigation page in which all the Topics are hyperlinked then the top header does not show.

      I am bit preplexed with these two separate displays of the same topic. One showing the image in the header and the other not.

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.