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    CS5 Rendering takes forever




      I am downloaded the trial version of master collection CS5 and I have been trying to render few animations in MPEG2 format.  My PC has 4 CPUs (AMD), 8gb RAM and runs on Win7 64bit.  The rendering on this machine takes forever.


      I've made sure that whenever I am rendering I have caps lock on.


      I also have CS4 master collection on machine as well.  Do you think the two conflict somehow?  (None of the CS4 applications are open - not even in the background)


      Apparently, I have dedicated 6GB of RAM to Adobe applications (Multiprocessing is not turned on)


      The render queue uses about 7-10% of 8GB on average.


      Is there a way to make my render faster?  I there a way it can use more RAM to render quickly?