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    Text reversed (mirrored) in menus, lists & popups

    maziak Level 1

      Hi there


      I've just installed the latest trial version of FlashBuilder with the Flex SDK 4.1.

      After compiling and running my project all my popups (TitleWindow + Alerts) are reversed and the text inside them is reversed. Also all the text in my menus are reversed. By reversed I mean that it looks as if one is looking at them in a mirror.


      Why on earth would this be happeining?




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          FredericCox Level 1

          This is happening because the biggest change in Flex 4.1 is the ability for layout mirroring.


          "Layout mirroring refers how containers and controls are drawn on  the screen. The default direction is LTR. You can change any container  or control that implements IVisualElement to lay out from right to left  by setting the layoutDirection style property to "rtl"."


          I experienced the same problem as you..however it went away and I'm still not sure what I did to make it work all of a sudden.. but I'm very curious also

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            maziak Level 1

            Thanks Frederic


            I don't know why by default some of my components were mirrored.

            I was able to quickly fix this by setting the layout-direction style attribute to 'ltr' in the 'global' tag of my stylesheet