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    problem with footers and print script in IE8. oh the pain.

    Nick@Tag Level 2

      RH8 HTML.


      Hi all,

      So this is basically the strangest thing I've ever seen.

      WebHelp project.


      Theres a few things going on here.

      First, I have a print script running, similar to the one on Peters site which expand drop-down hotspots before printing a topic. works fine.

      I also have a footer on all topics, it works and functions across all browsers - the script was taken from http://www.cssstickyfooter.com/


      With these 2 things combined I'm having an issue. It may be something not related to the above, and instead to publishing options, im not sure.


      I click the Print button, the dropdowns expand, but the footer gets stuck, and doesnt move to the bottom of the page, it basically ghosts over the content.


      This is only happening in IE8. and ONLY when viewed either locally or on a webserver, HOWEVER if I upload the exact same generated webhelp to our fileserver, it works perfectly. and thats why its so strange, I could imagine something not working lcoally, but to break on a webserver, then work on a file server.....well thats just confusing as hell.


      I thought that might be something to do with the options when generating but i went through a few combinations and nothing changed it.


      thanks for any tips,