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    new Fireworks fan!

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      I've never posted in the Fireworks forum before as I had never (until recently) used this program.  I'm taking a class in it now, and I've got to say:  What an awesome program!  I never understood why anyone needed it before, but it's much faster at Web mockups than Photoshop.  I actually used to mock up Web sites in InDesign (wrong program I know) because mocking them up in Photoshop takes so long (hate having to constantly click on a layer name just to get to the object I want).   Anyway, it's got a really great selection of bitmap and vector tools -- most all the stuff I'd regularly need for a Web site.  I've watched a little more than half of the lynda.com video on this so far -- getting ready to try to understand the slicing stuff.  Looking forward to learning as much as possible.


      Okay, that's not a question, but I felt like saying how cool I think this program is.  I'll be using it a lot.  Should have studied it a long time ago....


      Thanks, Phyllis