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    How to time music (sync) to timeline

    nxst Level 1

      If i create timeline slideshow with tweens

      between the pictures, how do I add music so that it ends when the pictures end?


      I read that audio can come out of sync??


      What if i use another program to create the swf like after effects that exports with audio? and import, would it lose sync then?

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          asydd Level 1

          May I add to the question? Thanks...  can AS3 read cue points in audio (added in say Soundbooth) and start and stop at different cue points.


          To the sync, I add sound file to the library (or load it), and set different sounds to start at particular frames, I haven't had trouble with sync but I believe it is more prevalent in video files. You can add audio to the timeline directly and you can visibly see the duration of the sound clip. In AS2 I was using onSoundComplete to determine when to change images, in AS3 channel.addEventListener(Event.SOUND_COMPLETE, callFunction);