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    Placing Data Files from PM5.0/InfoPublisher/6.0 to InDesign CS2


      Our business is trying to convert our coupon processes from PageMaker 5.0/InfoPublisher/PageMaker 6.0 to InDesign CS2.


      I understand how to open a PM 6.0 file in InDesign CS2, however that is not the issue.

      The issue is placing/importing our database files to work in the same way they have been doing.


      We receive a Database File [.DBF] which contains variable data text

      For (Customer) and your (Purchase)

      This coupon must be presented and expires mm/dd/yy

      Client number

      The Tiff file path (individual coupons designs are exportred as [.TIFFS] )


      Files that were already set up and defined using InfoPublisher

      [.PA2] the Place file

      [.AN2] the Answer Table File


      This is our process set by step.

      1) Query & Create [.DBF]

      2) Open PM 5.0 and open coupon template file

      3) Place [.PA2] file

      4) The variable data from the [.DBF] are placed around the coresponding [.TIFFS] for a clients coupons

      5) Save as PM 5.0 file

      6) Open File in PM 6.0 to print (print quality is better in PM 6.0)


      Any idea on how to repeat the same process in Indesign using variable data and tiffs?