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    Slide Transitions

      I'm publishing my first presentation, and I am not seeing the slide transitions (fade between slides) in the finished product. Has anyone encountered this before and been able to fix it?
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          With Acrobat Connect Presenter 6, slide transitions are, unfortunately, not supported.

          However, I've been using a clever workaround. It's a bit long, but if you really want to fade from one slide to another, do this:

          1) Play the slide show locally, in full-screen.
          2) When the slide finishes playing, capture it by hitting Print Screen (or PrtScr) on your keyboard. this will take a full screen shot and store it in the clipboard.
          3) In PowerPoint, Pase the image on top of everything else in the slide.
          4) IN Custom Animation, animate the screen capture so it fades out, revealing the slide underneath.

          When played back in Presenter, it looks like a fade transition from one slide to another.

          Hope that helps!


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            Greg's solution (above) is fine, but it's going to make your presentation a lot bigger as you embed all those bitmaps. Why not just copy all the material from the previous slide on to the next slide, group it together, and apply whatever "removal" animation you'd like to it as the first animation for the slide? Assuming it's mostly text, this should help keep the file size down.

            Since it will also make your presentation harder to edit, you'll have to wait until you've finished adding all the material (or save two copies), but you have more control, as many of the animations in PowerPoint don't seem to translate smoothly into Flash when applied to a bitmap. One I specifically hate is "dissolve" - looks fine in PowerPoint, but looks like C-64 era pixellation once converted.


            Marc B