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    my Flash app shows only blank on HTC Evo (Eclair)




      I installed the following:


      AIR runtime for Android 2.1 on my HTC Evo phone

      AIR for Android Extension on my Flash CS5


      Then I built a simple, 1-frame application with nothing but a rounded box and a stop() in frame 1.  I also specified a 48x48 icon when publishing.


      My app runs fine when tested from Flash CS5 and also seems to publish fine to my phone.  But when launched from the phone, it only shows a blank screen (black background, as I specified in my Flash file).  I don't see the box.  Tried replacing the box with other graphics (image, other shapes), but still got a blank screen.


      Any ideas what's wrong?


      AIR prompted me with the license acceptance dialog the very first time I ran the app.


      Thanks in advance for any inputs.