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    Flash to Android = Flex Hero?

    SpaghettiCoder Level 3

      Flex Hero, is that Actionscript to native Android code???


      Or is it just apps on adobe air on top of Android OS example user would need to have adobe air on their android phones to use your apps, or can they use your apps without installing air???

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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          Flex Hero is the next [Major] version of the Flex SDK.  I assume it will be Flex 5, but don't actually know.


          I expect that Mobile development / deployment will be one of the guiding principles of Hero, which should include deploying to Android phones as native apps and running in the browser on mobile platforms.


          More info on The Flex Team Blog


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            SpaghettiCoder Level 3

            WOW, that'd be really nice...


            I tried developing for android using eclipse and the android sdk etc..


            1. it took forever to setup...them opensource type stuff isn't meant to be easy...wish they would make a setup.exe or something.  It's like copy this here, change this file and then spend hours figuring out they missed a step in their instructions.  And the instructions were from google themselves.


            2. Then there was the idea of having to learn java...*sigh*


            Eclipse and Android development setting up process and development is bunk compared to visual studio and windows 7 phone development.  Visual studio development for windows 7 phone is like WOW.  Easy setup, and really nice work flow.  The emulator is much faster as well, anyhow too bad no one uses windows 7 phones though.


            If that's the direction that ADOBE is going with Flex, that's great...flex builder enviroment and work flow using action script creating native android apps would be like WOW!