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    My flash video won't work on my Dreamweaver site!


      Can someone please tell me what else I'm forgetting to do in Dreamweaver (or maybe the issue lies in the uploading process) to make my video play on my website? I uploaded the video the server file along the skin file and another "SWF" file and the files that are in the "scripts" folder. This is my first time to ever upload a video to a site, so I'm learning as I go.


      Here is the url: www.smithreadymix.net/concreteinfo.html


      As you can see, when the page uploads with an error icon in the bottom left corner where it would normally say, "Done but with errors on page." I clicked on the details button of the message and it says, "swfobject is undefined" then it gives the location as Line 184, character 1. I have NO idea what this means!


      If anyone could help, I'd REALLY appreciate it! Thanks!