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    Upgrading 9.3.2 -> 9.3.3 trouble


      So when the 9.3.1 and 9.3.2 patches came out, I slipstreamed them into the 9.3.0 installer and deployed them via group policy to my domain.  After 9.3.3 came out, I started with a fresh 9.3.0 installation and slipstreamed 9.3.2, then 9.3.3 and tried to push this out via GPO.  My problem is that even when I select the old GPO that installed 9.3.2 as a package to upgrade (9.3.2 is set to uninstall), clients do not get the new version.  They do, however, receive an additional Adobe Reader shortcut in the Start menu that when run gives me the "Windows is configuring Adobe Reader 9.3.3" window, but when that window closes and Reader launches it is still 9.3.2.;


      The documentation I've read about using the upgrade feature in a group policy object indicates I'm doing this properly.  Clearly I'm missing something (probably something rudimentary)... any tips?