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    Cannot load optimized RSL: digest mismatch


      Note: I am using Flex 3.0.0.


      When my Flex applicatoin tries to load my own optimized RSL at runtime I see a digest mismatch error.  When I replace the optimized RSL (swf) with the original RSL (same name) in my deployed web app the RSL loads successfully.  The developer's guide doesn't suggest that I need to do anything special to the optimized RSL.  Any idea why the digests are not the same between the regular and optimized RSLs?


      I have run the optimized RSL through digest.exe, thinking that maybe that would insert the correct digest (from the original swc file) but I get the same digest mismatch error.


      Could this be a caching issue or am I missing a step?


      My Steps:

      1. Extract library.swf from mylib.swc file

      2. Run: optimizer.exe -keep-as3-metadata="Bindable,Managed,ChangeEvent,NonCommittingChangeEvent,Transient" -input library.swf -output mylib.swf

      3. Compile my app against mylib.swc with RSL URL: mylib.swf

      4. Deploy optimized mylib.swf with flex application