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    What's The Best Way To Delete Unwanted Video In PE8 Or Hard Drive?


      Hey There:


      I've completed & burned some good looking 8+ hour dual layer dvd's = Fantastic Software!  I love the menu's.  Now, to clean up My files & Hard Drive for more space, what should I do?  If I delete all the CAObjectsTrackResults & Or The PE8 Auto-Save files named I know I don't want, what would happen?  Would that delete what I want to save? If I Delete only the files I named & I don't want would that clear up space?  There is a very long list in the CAObjectTrack of named copied & unnamed VTS_01_????.  Is it ok to delete those extra named copied files?  I've deleted all the files on my C: & desktop for more space that I can see and want deleted.  Is that all I can do for more space because I loaded or copied over 40 hours of video.  What other folder are the files in on the C: or PE8?


      W7, i5, 1.5 TB New Hp 32" TV Wireless


      Thanks A Bunch, Ben!