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    CS5- Quicktime probs with new install


      I just bought  CS5 Production Premium but after install I find Quicktime is screwy.  For example: if i go to YouTube, the video does not play while the audio does.  The youTube toolbar is incomplete.  If I click on the blank frame, it will play in full frame but not when I esc back to the page.  The Quicktime problem seems to pertain on all sites.


      I run OS 10.5.8 on a mac clone with lots of power and storage. I updated all Mac software suggested but no joy.


      Any help appreciated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          And what if you simply reinstall Quicktime from the OS DVD or by downloading it? Sounds like the obvious thing to do. also check, whether you are not using any third-party QT components (audio drivers, video capture cards) that are incompatible. Check the respective Library folder and (temporarily) move this stuff out of the way to test.