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    Getting Started with a Flex 4 Template


      I need to create a new theme and restyle everything. I haven't seen any tutorials or discussions on this topic only about skinning. So I've started with the sample themes found in the Flex 4 sdk.


      The arcade, graphite, cobalt, and zen themes are good places to start. I noticed some differences however. All of the themes have an FLA file that lays out symbols for various components. Is this FLA file primarily for Flex 3 components?


      In only some of the projects, the Spark skin files use mx Image components and pull the relevant symbol exported from the FLA file. In other projects, the skin file uses FXG markup.


      The challenge here I can see it to ensure that whether a developer uses a halo or spark component, the visual style must match. My designers prefer Illustrator and Fireworks over Flash. Should we create all of our skins in those tools, integrate the FXG as skin files for every component and then pull in those visual designs into the FLA?


      I also thought to build two separate swc themes, one for Spark components and another for Halo components. In my application I would apply them both. Is this a good idea?