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    How does one best make a button to jump around a PDF (interactive) on an ipad.

    Sean McPartlin

      I have been trying to figure out how to make an Interactive PDF document that could be loaded into an iPad.


      We need one: Buttons to jump around the document for navigation purposes.  A button would be eaiser to press on an iPad and if each page is designed the same people will know where "main menu" and the subsection buttons are and should be able to bounch back and forth in the document pretty easily.


      It seems that with Indesign CS5 you can make goto buttons but when you try and export them... Acrobat will not honor the goto commands so your left for dead.


      Yes it will work nicely with export to SWF and work marviously with a flash output but there's no way to look at flash content on the iPad.


      So I've found stuff on the web talking about bookmarks and text anchors but it seems like there are limitations with that as well.


      What confuses me further is when 3rd party PDF viewers claim they can use goto page number.


      see the discription for GoodReader. (it has and ipad version)


      So is this an indesign issue?  An Acrobat 9 pro issue?  I don't get it.


      It seems so simple.  Just want to button that would take you to say page 1.  and on page 1 have a button that takes you to page 4.


      Does someone have any advise on how to create a PDF that could do this?


      SWF is very cool.  But unfortunatly Steve J's personal vendettia with Flash is making it hell for simple users....