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    Rendered video comes out blue


      I seem to be having an issue with video rendered from within Premier (Pro CS5) where the video comes out in blue. By rendered within Premier I mean either rendering previews (hitting "Enter" while in the timeline), or by choosing the "Export" button rather and "Queue" in the export dialog.


      Still images render normally colored, it's only the video clips in the timeline that render blue.


      Everything works fine when queuing files for rendering in the Media Encoder, it's only when I render from within Premier that I get the blue video.


      Anyone else see this kind of behavior?





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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Can you tell us more about the source files? If the stills Render, and Export fine, but the Video material does not, that might rule out video card drivers, but just in case, please follow the links in this ARTICLE


          Good luck,



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            billharada Level 1

            The source video clips are .mov files captured in Camtasia on a MacBook Pro using the Techsmith Ensharpen codec. I'm editing on a Dell Latitude D820 and Windows 7 Pro.


            The video looks fine if I play the video on the timeline without rendering them. It's only when I render previews or export directly out of Premier that the blue video occurs. And again, it only affects rendered video clips on the timeline.


            After setting and resetting rendering options, and futzing around with the video slips on the timeline, I finally realized that the working video I've produced in CS5 have all been rendered by queuing the jobs in the Media Encoder.


            I'll try to post some samples later.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              You might want to see this ARTICLE and some of the links contained, for discussions on Camtasia and TechSmith footage.


              For some more background on CODEC's, and how they may, or may not work in an NLE, this ARTICLE might offer some info.


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                We're getting this problem too.  Its driving us nuts.  The problem seems to be occuring with Quicktimes with Alpha Channels rendered out of AE.  We tried to different codecs coming out of AE, Lossless animation, and PNG.  Both experience the problem.  It looks fine unrendered in premiere, but renders as if there was only a blue channel (no green and red).  We disabled all hardware acceleration for the renders.  We are using the latest update of premiere CS5 on a mac pro.

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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  I've seen this due to a conflict with some AJA codecs. Do you have any AJA codecs installed?

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    You guys haven't been taking any Viagra, have you?

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                      lol they can still see everything except the QT files so I'm figuring its not viagra

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                        Mattnesss Level 1

                        Nope, no need to consult a doctor, just the quicktimes with an alpha were turning blue.


                        We do have an AJA Kona 3 in the machine, and drivers installed for Final Cut, but we don't have the drivers installed for Premiere, and we aren't using any AJA codecs in this project.


                        We did figure out a workaround. The nature of the clips was an alpha transition into a solid shot.  The part of the clip with transparency overlaid over another clip in the premiere timeline was rendering fine.  By putting another clip under the solid section of the problem clip, we prevented it from rendering blue.  Interestingly though, it had to be a real video clip behind them.  We first tried putting a premiere generated "black video" clip behind them, and they still rendered blue.

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                          I am experiencing the same issue, with my Quicktime with Alpha Channels.


                          I found a solution by fluke when I used key frames to fade off the clip with Transparency.


                          I noticed that when the opacity of the Quicktime + Alpha dropped to 99.9% in Premiere, the full colour came back to normal in my final export.


                          So, I changed the overall opacity of the clip to 99.9% and exported it out using my standard settings, in this case (photojpeg, 720p) and the blue was gone.



                          I have to say overall I'm really disappointed with CS5, and Adobe on this one - I hope they find a software solution to this gaping oversight soon to restore the "export confidence" in us

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Interesting findings. I would definitely file a Bug Report on this. This ARTICLE will give you some tips and the link.


                            This reminds me of a Bug in PrElements, at about PrE 7, or 8. When a Cross-Dissolve was added, there was a white "flash" just at the junction of the two Clips. This could be eliminated by changing the Opacity of the Clips to 99.0%. IIRC, this Bug was fixed by PrE 9, but maybe it's too early to tell.


                            Good luck, and thank you for reporting. With adequate documentation, Adobe should be able to reproduce the issue in the lab, and get to a fix.



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                              JaysonM-Y-Vzqtgy Level 1

                              That's the work around I've been using since 08 for a massive range of blue-green color overlay and a few other miscellaneous troubles with my clips.

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9



                                You could always tell clients that you are "in your BLUE period... "


                                So this Bug/glitch has been around that long? Whoa, please file the Bug Report.