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    Simple Question: how to export a SWF?

    miquael Level 1

      Hi, i'm quite new to Flex and Flash Builder (have over ten years of Flash experience tho), am on a fast track to learning, and I'm generally unclear about the way to use FB to publish projects (in Flash it is very straight forward).


      I'm working on my first FB project for a client, and the situation is a bit unique: I've created a new project, yet, there is no need for the MXML file in this situation, as we have a server side application that utilizes just the product SWF in a much larger remote Flex framework.  So, when I make updates to the local project, I just want to export a new SWF from compiling the ActionScript class files I have created, and then upload the SWF to the remote server for testing.


      Yet,when I attempt to simply run the project locally (to export a new SWF), I get errors that I assume are due to the inappropriate use of the MXML file (which is generally blank), and it is not relevant the rest of the ActionScript files (and I do not need it to be).


      I have examples of other related projects that have no MXML file at all, so when I tried removing the MXML file, I get an error that simply says: "The file cannot be launched".  And in fact, when I moved the MXML file back, I now get the same error.  It's really hard to know what's going on here.


      I thought of setting the primary AS file as the "Default Application", yet the menu option for that is not allowing me to (greyed out).


      Can anyone help me understand what to do here?