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    How to I see my Borders Desktop Books in ADE


      As per the rather difficult to locate directions on Border's site, I downloaded ADE to my laptop so I could transfer my newly purchased ebooks onto my reader.  However ADE does not see these books and I don't know how to make it see them.  I used to use my Sony eReader ebook library to download books from Borders and transfer them to my eReader.  Now, with Borders new software, and ADE to boot, I can't get the books to my eReader.  Please help.  Thanks.

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          this is what i encountered on my laptop (i'm on a macbook pro): Sign on to Borders.com and under "Your Account" click on the link "My eBook Library". next to your eBooks there is an option to "download epub". click on this and a pop-up box for ADE came up to download the app, but since i already did this part so, Select "Already have the app" to Continue. a file called "URLLink.acsm" automatically downloads to my laptop (my mbp has it set-up where any downloads go directly to a folder called "Downloads"). open Finder, find "URLLink.acsm" file under my Downloads folder, select and open it (Command-O). ADE automatically downloads it into its application and i can see it from there!   ...hope this helps. i don't own a Sony Reader so i don't know where it goes from ADE once it shows up to there, but at least you should be able to "See It" now in the ADE app.