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    Encoding tools?

    buraihan Community Member

      Just a question about how we get our video into the CinemaDNG format. Are there any conversion tools? Could avchd be converted into a yuv mxf stream?

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          Lars Borg Community Member

          AVCHD or other true video formats should not be converted to CinemaDNG.

          These video formats have already been converted from raw to video

          (usually in the camera) with the associated quality loss. Nothing is

          gained (as far as we can tell) by converting back to raw (or

          CinemaDNG), as the quality loss is irreversible.


          A few applications can convert other raw image formats to CinemaDNG format.

          In most cases, these are vendor-specific applications supporting only

          one format. For example, Vision Research has a tool for converting

          Phantom Raw into DNG.


          A few support more than one raw format:

          - Adobe's free DNG Converter can convert 200+ still camera raw

          formats into DNG. So far, no support for movie camera formats.

          - Iridas' SpeedGrade can convert most raw movie camera formats to DNG.

          - RadiantGrid Technologies can convert between DNG and other formats.

          (See http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/cinemadng/ for links)


          Hope this helps.


          Thanks for trying out CinemaDNG.


          Lars Borg


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            buraihan Community Member

            Thanks for the reply.


            I was just wondering if it could be used as an intermediate, or archival format. For example, exporting 10 bit 4:2:2 files from After Effects for use in Premiere. If the generated files were smaller than lossless .movs then it would be a compelling choice, especially since it keeps its' metadata inside the file.