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    best format for flash?

    oluc Level 1



      i am normally in the flash AS3 forum but i need some help from the premier side of town!


      i have a flash that plays videos but the videos are playing with the audio slightly out of sync with the video. the video itself is exported with audio. they are not separate in the flash. and when i play the video in adobe media player it plays fine, ie not with the audio out of sync.


      i have tried exporting the video as a flv, f4v, and mp4. but it happens with each. i have exported it with all kinds of setting and some seemed a bit better than others but its really not coming out how it needs to.


      so i figured, there must be guys on the premier forum who work with flash guys or are flash guys too.


      do you know what the most optimum format and settings are for a video to play in flash at a high resolution and have the video and audio be sync'd?


      if you want any more information from me let me know.


      thanks for any help!



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          If your sequence is in sync, your output should be as well.  There's no magic formula for this, it just happens.


          When it doesn't happen, my first thought is to suspect the playback part of the chain.  You said things play back fine in Adobe Media Player.  Where does it NOT play fine.

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            oluc Level 1

            it is not playing fine after i export it from flash.

            there is one thing though, and that is that i tried all kinds of setting when exporting it from premier, and some of the setting definitely made a difference.


            here is one set of setting which seemed to work pretty good but the image quality is just not that good.

            format: FLV

            resolution: 1280 x 720

            frame rate: FPS 29.97

            bit rate setting: encoding cbr, 1 pass

            bit rate level: low

            audio bitrate setting: 160


            this setting did not do good. the image quality was good but the audio was off:

            Format: f4V

            resolution: 1280 x 720

            level: 4.0

            bitrate encoding: vbr, 1 pass

            bit rate level: low

            audio: aac format

            frequency: 4.1

            audio quality: medium

            bitrate: 112 (audio)