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    Composition area freezes


      Hello everyone,


      I am running into problems with After Effects. I have tried on CS3, CS4, and CS5, all resulting in the same problem.


      Basically, my problem is why I import a video (.mp4), I put it into the composition at the bottom, and when I drag the arrow the see the video in the program, it freezes lags, and takes forever for the program to start working again. Eveytime I move the error, the program freezes. I don't want to bring other programs into this...but I put the same clips in Sony Vegas, and it works absolutley fine. They run smoothly, I can see my video in the timeline without it freezing and crashing, but there is sooo much more I want to do with After Effects that Vegas doesn't have, which is why I made the switch.


      The video clips are HD. Specifically, 1280x720p, 13.5Mbps Bitrate. I just want to reiterate, the clips work perfectly fine in Vegas, but not in AAE, so I don't believe my computer is at fault.


      The program itself runs fine (when the HD video is not in the timeline at the bottom). I can navigate through the software, and see what it has to offer, but when a video is in the timeline, it lags/freezes/crashes.


      Also, I turn off everything in the background. There is not a single program running when I run AAE. I go through Task Manager to make sure.


      Comp Specs:


      Intel Core i5-750 2.66GHz

      Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

      8 gigs DDR3 Ram

      NVIDIA GeForce GTS250


      Thanks to anyone who can help.