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    Flex and MySQL transactions (Advice)

    Aron manager Level 1



      I need some piece of advice about MySQL transactions and how to handle them in flex.


      At this stage of development we are using Remote Objects to run actions on the server through a PHP backend. I for example need to delete an Invoice that has associated Invoice Lines, so I would like to run a transaction on the whole process and rollback if this fails. What's the best way to do this? I have thought about 2 ways but don't really know which is better:


      1) Run the action (using remote objects), create a mysql transaction in php and return a true/false boolean flaging everything went ok or not.

      2) I have seen there's something called DataStore, I haven't found too much info/docs/tutorials googling but it feels could do the job, but have to investigate this a bit more. Would it be an option?


      Thanks in advance,