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    FIXED Reader Update Failing


      What I did was while reader was the active window I started the Update proccess from the

      Help Menu. Next:


      In Task Manager under active proccesses Tab I selected the Properties sheet for each Adobe

      Proccess and in Compatibility Tab and assigned "Run As Administrator" to the three Adobe

      proccesses that were running. AdobeARM.EXE and AcroRd.EXE are the main two.


      Rebooted.....Adobe asks to make changes to your computer click yes and allow.

      You will also notice the Desktop Adobe Reader Icon has changed and now has the

      Administrative Shield mini icon.


      Open Reader now and run Update from the Help menu and it should succeed, it did for me.


      You may have to unassign the administrative priviliges from the Reader proccesses, at least for

      AcroRd.exe in task manager along with another reboot, as it will otherwise ask you to make

      changes on each reboot.

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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Why so many steps?


          Login as administrator, start Adobe Reader, and check for updates.

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            eKrAsH Level 1

            I tried right clicking on the desktop icon for Reader to Run as Admin

            and then tried to update. It didn't work.


            As you run through this proccess you will notice the active proccesses in task manager,


            After completing my work-around and unassigning admin privilige from AdobeARM.exe

            as the active proccess in task manager...another reboot will be required to remove the

            nag when boot into the desktop.


            Its actually just a few simple steps taking 5-10 minutes that Adobe hasn't smoothed

            out to make transparent in its installation procedures.

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              I'm hoping I can get some help.  I have read through all the literature and your post, tried it all, but I'm still having the following issues with Reader:

              1)  Both Mozilla and Explorer crash when opening Adobe documents.

              2)  I also have an update notice that fails when I try to install it.  I get the error code 1648, but I cannot find the code interpretation in the code listing.

              3)  I tried to uninstall Reader, but it won't uninstall.

              4) When I tried the "Repair Adobe Reader Installation" from the Help menu, a screen flashes but does not open.


              My version of Reader is 9.3.2.  I have the update installed:  CPSID_59351.  There is a messsage that the update cannot be unstalled.



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                I too have had problems updating Reader 9.3 in Vista, XP, and Windows 7. Error messages related to not being administrator. After uninstalling and reinstalling 9.3 several times and still not being able to update to 9.3.3, I downloaded the updates from Adobe.com for 9.3.1, 9.3.2 and 9.3.3. Then I updated one at a time - they used Windows installer, when I double clicked on them. 9.3.1 updated with no issues. 9.3.2 and 9.3.3 kept showing errors (of the administator kind, like 1310, 1321) 6-10 each, which were easily overcome by clicking on Retry. Each ended successfully with the request to reboot. I never had problems with Adobe Reader updates beforeon any of these 3 platforms.