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    Problem converting Flex 3 project to Flash 4


      Getting following warning...


      3608: 'clearStyleDeclaration' has been deprecated since 4.0.  Please use  'IStyleManager2.clearStyleDeclaration on a style manager instance'. dominoViewUtilities.as /FlexGateQ Demo 2/[source path]  src/packages/dominoUtilities line 327 Flex Problem

      ...for this line of code...
      StyleManager.clearStyleDeclaration('.dvColHdr_' +  colcnt.toString(),false);
      Following the instructions I try to use the IStyleManager2 class, however,  the clearStyleDeclaration method seems not to exist in that class. The compiler  says...
      Multiple markers at this line:
      -1061: Call to a possibly undefined method clearStyleDeclaration through a  reference with static type Class.
      I probably just doing something wrong, but can't figure out what it  is.
      Any help is appreciated.