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    Problem with fscommand of FlashCS4 and DreamweaverCS4!


      Problem with fscommand of FlashCS4 and DreamweaverCS4!

      I am italian and I am a beginner user of AdobeMasterCollection CS4.

      In the past I make a website with "Macromedia Flash 5 MX" with fscommand() function that allow from a Flash menu .swf included in one frameset, to

      communicate with the main-bottom frame called "inferioredx" and change the loading of the pages by pressing the relative button in the MenuButtons.swf file included in the top frame ("superioredx" frame).

      Now I re-opened the FLA file and made some adjustment that consist in the change of the name of one menu button from "Studio Tools" to "Vue", and the related fscommand list, that I have inserted in the Flash-generated .html file, with DreamweaverCS4.


      - The problem is that the related linked pages open in the new blank window, not in the main-bottomdx frame!
      - Why?


      I haven't solved this issue.
      Please help me!


      I read the related problem of fscommand in the version of Flash5-MX, at this page:



      But I think that this is not me problem. The access of fscommand should be possible now. I think that Adobe haven't introduced any security restriction to the fscommand.


      In DreamweaverCS4 I also copied and pasted a list of script commands below the line comment:


      "<script language="JavaScript">
      var isInternetExplorer = navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft") != -1;
      // Gestisce tutti i messaggi FSCommand in un filmato Flash
      function MenuButtons_DoFSCommand(command, args) {
      var MenuButtonsObj = isInternetExplorer ? document.all.MenuButtons : document.MenuButtons;
      // Inserire il codice qui.


      This is the list of commands I pasted, to allow fscommand to communicate with the Browser:


        if(command == "Studio Tools") {
         parent.inferioredx.location.href="Studio Tools.html"


      Modified in this manner:


      if(command == "Vue") {


      But the destination pages open in a new blank window, not in the main-bottomdx frame!