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    SPAN tags disappearing

      I am using an older version of RH (X4) but I was hoping someone could help. I have a HTM file that has some <SPAN> tags at the bottom of the document. When I view the HTM file in Notepad the tags are there. When I import the HTM into RH as a topic and look at the TrueCode the tags are not displayed. I use the ID on the span tags for some scripting and need the tags.

      How/why is TrueCode hiding/removing these tags?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          It's those pesky elves again!

          Have you checked the topic in Notepad AFTER the import?

          Way back in the versions there was a problem and I thought it had been fixed. That did result in true code showing something different to what was shown in a text editor.

          If you have checked in Notepad, I am not sure what to suggest. You could send me a topic via my site to see if a later version makes any difference. Please do spell out in the email exactly what to look for.

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            Hi and welcome to the forums.

            This has been my bone of contention with RoboHelp forever. Each new version, I download the trial version and check to see if this has been fixed. I am still using version 2000. The good news is that it looks like it was fixed in version 6.

            This tag removal is done in the WYSIWYG editor, so if you don't open the topic in that editor you can preserve your SPAN IDs. What I do is make a copy of the tags and place themas a comments in the True Code editor, then if I do edit in the WYSIWYG editor, I only need to open up the True Code and copy and paste from the comments and close the topic.

            Good luck,

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              GreatScottWare Level 1
              Thanks for the fast responses. It does appear that this problem is addressed in RH6 and it only happens to topics edited in WYSIWYG.