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    How to access Send Shared Preview through script?

    subha oviya

      Hi Pals,


      Am trying to doing some automation in ADOBE ACROBAT PROFESSION but i haven't got any solution for that. I want to know how to automate the following steps (IN MAC).


      1. Set Send Shared Review in Comments Menu bar.

      2. Select the Shared Location (or) Add New Location.

      3. Select Send Option with specifically choosed the "Don't Send Email invitation" option.

      4. Preview the viewers.


      Finally i want the shared reviewed file.


      I already done this job through Mac "Automator" application for my urgent. But, Still am searching for the better solution for the req. Also i refered some Javascript codings to set the online collabration (i donono ehat is that). It is one part of my project but, this'll making the issues when we depending Automator and the applications like that.


      Kinldy give me some good suggesions for my next step. I wound like to prefer the scripting and such kind of things. It'll be the better way. Expecting favorable replies. Replies should be appriciated. Thanks in Advance.