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    AICS5 Speed

    kcfi Level 1

      I have AICS3. I imported a DWG file from my CAD. There are many lines. Working with the file is very slow, even in outline view. Is AICS5 faster?

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          If you want one of us can take the file an open it in both versions to tell you if there is a difference.


          What platform?

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            kcfi Level 1

            Mac OSX 10.6.4. I attached the file. Try saving, zooming, and moving the entire group please. AI is too slow with this file for me to be able to work on it. Thanks. The file link is attached.




            Use FireFox to get the file.

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              I would not say using this file AI CS 5 was acting fast on my MacPro


              but here is a movie you can judge for yourself. You have to wait a few seconds as I was adjusting the sound.



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                kcfi Level 1



                Would you say there’s a large slow down based on the number of objects in the drawing? I calculate there are over 28,000 lines.


                Do you have a fast technique for joining and simplifying lines like in my drawing so to reduce the overall number of objects?


                Thanks for you help.

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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                  This is a plug in costs $10.00 from Rick Johnson it is made especially for this purpose.




                  Works in CS 3 and 4 it will join the lines with one click.


                  Has lots of options and control over the distance the gap can be.


                  You will love it.

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                    kcfi Level 1

                    Do these work with CS5 as well?

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                      Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                      The last version of Concatenate works perfectly fine in CS 5.


                      Screen shot 2010-07-09 at 6.43.00 PM.png

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                        kcfi Level 1

                        Thanks Wade. I've done some more speed testing, and my conclusion is that AI is too slow when it has to deal with 20,000 plus lines. I would be happy to try and make it work for my needs, but the speed issue is a deal breaker. FreeHand is much faster with large files.

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                          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                          I hav to say I agree that the issue with large files is something Illustrator should address.


                          However in defense of AI and the team I do not believe that Illustrator was designed for such technical work and that perhaps a more technical oriented application is right for you in the first place. So you should probably be comparing some other application to FreeHand than Illustrator.


                          I think the decision to keep Illustrator over FreeHand may have been based on this premise as well. The Adobe user base was not and is not oriented towards this type of work and so FreeHand went and Illustrator remained.


                          So though many users have and are using Illustrator to its limits then this has become a feature request, perhaps 64 bit solves this problem for Illustrator. It should by all reasoning but time will tell. So perhaps in 18-24 months you will know.


                          That might be a breakthrough for users like you.


                          If i were you I would look elsewhere for a software that is more like FreeHand rather than from Adobe.

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                            kcfi Level 1


                            Please offer some alternative vector graphics programs that work on a Mac. I've searched high and low, and all I can find is FreeHand, Illustrator, and ... ah ... ah... Illustrator.

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                              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                              I have no other programs to suggest I was not making a suggestion that look elsewhere.


                              I do not sell software but  you might consult a concern that does sell software.


                              I do believe however there are other applications that are vector creation programs that work on the Mac so look a little harder.

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                                kcfi Level 1

                                I've been on this quest looking for an alternative to Illustrator for many years. So far it's FreeHand. I spent about 3 hours yesterday searching and testing. There is nothing else for the Mac.

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                                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                                  Oh I see there is very little choice.


                                  I  will have to think about how this can be presented as a feature request, I have never made a feature request to have Illustrator emulate or adapt the behavior of another application before but id Freehand can handle this and it is not a contributing factor to the problems FH had encountered  near the end and it merits a look see then I will make a feature request anyone else that thinks they ca give a good argument for this should do the same.


                                  Obviously FH has a way of using a smaller cache and temporary file as well as the scratch.

                                  My thought on this is probably the way AI handles text, my feeling is it is looking for a text string every time change or alter a path and perhaps some times when creating one as well.And it may even look for it over and over again and maybe look at all of the paths as well.


                                  Even if it is not that exactly it really seems like Illustrator is looking at all the art and uses so much cache it gets lost.


                                  This does not mean there has to be a font active or even in the file at all just a lot of paths so it follows up on it.


                                  I will express my opinion maybe it will do something in the future.