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    Network Monitor can block access to SSL sites with a redirect


      I have been using Flash Builder 4 and hit a nice little problem that caused me a couple of days delay so thought it might help someother poor coder with this issue.


      I have been building against the Oracle Beehive REST API and it all works fine - the systems are protected by SSO or JSSO and the basic authentication works fine - or seemed to work fine!


      I had been working on SSL and non-SSL systems and was intermnittently using the Network Monitor to debug the rest calls - very nice tool by the way.


      However, beware!


      If you have the Network Monitor switched on you will not be able to access any SSL system with a redirect. It looks like something in there causes the JsessionID not to be attached any more and the system loops at the login stage. This does not happen if you are accessing non-SSL sites.


      Switch off the network Monitor and it goes back to working normally. It took me a while to connect the two so maybe this will help someone hitting an intermittent connectivity problem.