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    printign images with PrintJob

      Is it possible to print images loaded at runtime with the PrintJob command?

      I've spent ages now trying to get it to work but with no success.
      I've use both the <mx:Image> and <mx:SWFLoader> tags to try to get an image to work. Both fail.
      SImilarly I've set useBitMapPrinting both on and off.

      I've even tried pre-loading my image in case it was a timing issue with the printing completing before the image had loaded, but still no joy.

      I'm doign this as per the documentation, so I'm adding a child object to the current page, and putting my printable page into that. Then removing that child object when printing is complete. If I comment out the remove Child, then the printable page becomes visble on screen and again the image shows fine...

      Stumped now :)

      Any assistance gratefully received