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    Problem switching between applications


      Don't know if anyone can shed any light on this...

      I am working on a Director project that has to link to and open Word DOCs. I have a problem whereby when a DOC is opened, the Mac does not seem to be switching properly into Word. What happens is: click thumbnail (running handler to open DOC, using Buddy API xtra); Word starts to open the DOC; DOC window appears in front of projector Window, but the Mac titlebar seems to 'stick' in the projector. I can edit the DOC, use keyboard commands to save etc., but no menus are visible due to the 'ProjectorName.osx' title bar. I can switch to Word with Apple-tab, but not by clicking in the Word window(s).

      A few extra notes:

      • The projector resizes the screen to 800x600, but even with this feature disabled the problem persists.

      • I have tried creating a projector with the Full Screen option checked and unchecked, and with the visible title bar option checked and unchecked - no difference.

      • The problem has just arisen; essentially identical projectors (ie. differences are only in graphics) have run OK.

      • We have used a couple of different xtras to open the files, for reasons unconnected with this issue. However we have been using BuddyAPI for a while, so I am reasonably sure that the problem is not related to this.

      • Ensuring that unnecessary apps are closed, to ensure plenty of free memory, makes no difference.

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          Stop press:

          It seems the problem is related to the Full Screen option in projector creation. (While previous full screen projectors based on the same movie did not show the problem, since the issue came up non-full screen projectors work OK, and full screen one don't . Unfortunately I need to use full screen mode as I don't want a title bar at the top of the screen, and want to use the full (re-sized to 800x600 screen area.