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    Problems exproting extemely wide video




      I've got a client who has built a video wall consisting of 18 HD Ready monitors in a row, and they've asked me to create some short animations to run on it.


      The animations need to be a rather large 24588px x 768px, which is not a problem to create, but when I come to export them, most of the codecs don’t seem to support such a large frame size.


      I can export to uncompressed video, which gives me 13GB files that are too big to transport easily, and Cinepak seems to work, but my client can’t seem to run it on his system.


      They’ve asked for DivX files, but AE crashes when I try to export to that.


      I’ve also tried re-encoding the uncompressed video in a few other programs (VLC, Pro-Coder, Super and Handbrake) but none of them seem to be able to handle such big files.


      The only other formats I found to work are Microsoft Video 1 and Microsoft RLE, both of which are only available in “Thousands of colours” or 256 colours.


      I’m running After Effects CS3 on 32bit system.


      Has anyone ever found a way of encoding such large file with DivX?


      Would using a newer version of AE on a 64bit system help?


      In fact, if anyone has any suggestions or observations at all, they would be gratefully received!





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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to check with the folks doing the playback. I can't imagine a system that would playback a single stream that large. The most I have ever driven is 4 monitors and we did that with a single HD h264 video scaled through the playback system to the 4 monitors.


          Each multiple monitor playback system uses a different system. Many sync multiple sources through multiple display cards or adaptors. Unless you know the exact specs it's not a good idea to just send the client what they ask for. I'd take a guess that what they really want is somewhere between 4 and 9 files rather than one really big one.


          It's the same thing when you're going to output for a film recorder. Each service bureau has their own specifications.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            I can only confirm what Rick said. Most such setups use specific harddisc recorders that are synced via a video clock signal and use MPEG I-Frame compression internally. you realyl should ask what they need specifically or you may end up doing everything twice...



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              Joseph_Morientez Level 1

              Thanks for your help guys!


              It turned out that the row of 18 screens were at the check in desks in an airport that they wanted to run animations on when the desks were closed. Each screen was being run by a fairly low end PC which were all being controlled by a server. Unsurprisingly the client machines were never going to handle the full resolution files, 18 megapixels frames 25 times a second!


              Fortunately the system could scale up smaller files, and a one sixth sized video (4098px X 128px) would export to XviD without any problems, and apparently looks good when running!


              The company had never built a system like that before, so didn't know what to ask for, or understand the problems of handling such big videos. Their technical guy had been away for the weekend, but a few discussions with him sorted everything out, and they were able to wow their customers with the files I made last night.


              Thanks again!