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    Newest Adobe Reader Version


      I have used Adobe reader for a number of years - since it was a small application in size but has grown to a size almost unimaginable (40mb or so) for a mere document reader.

      The last update installed July 08/2010 after being nagged to death was a huge mistake. Pretty well every application on my WIndows 7 64 bit machine thought it should be opened with Adobe. My only recourse was to completely remove Adobe Reader, reboot and then the problem disappeared.


      This morning, I loaded Foxit pdf reader and for a 6 Mb application, it opens and displays .pdf documents in the same quality (according to my eyes) as Adobe Reader. I did have to re-install Adobe Flash player again as I had removed that as well.


      I guess the saying is true - bigger is not necessarily better and as a matter of fact, smaller is faster in this case as .pdf documents are opened very quickly with Foxit - compared to Adobe player.


      I guess it goes without saying that I will be continuing to use Foxit Reader  - until it is proven that it is no good (which I think is very unlikely)


      There may be a lot of people that read this that do not agree with my remarks, and that is fine by me - to each his own. It's just that last evening I became very upset with Adobe and only wish that they had at least left the older versions of Reader still available for those that only want to read .pdf's and not worry about all the bells and whistles that don't mean a darned thing to most users. Furthermore, one should noit be nagged, coaxed and otherwise prodded into updating a product that for some time they have been happy with.






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          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

          You can still download older

          versions of Reader from here




          at least from v. 6 upwards.

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            pwillener Level 8

            hecrowell wrote:


            I guess it goes without saying that I will be continuing to use Foxit Reader  - until it is proven that it is no good (which I think is very unlikely)


            Good luck to you, then!  I have tried that piece of software, but found out quickly that it also installed spyware on my computer!


            It did, in fact, ask me during the installation if I want to install that spyware (Ask toolbar, meanwhile renamed "Foxit toolbar"), which I naturally declined by unchecking that "offer".  It installed the spyware anyway!


            Uninstalling Foxit Reader did not remove the spyware, nor was there any way to uninstall or remove the spyware!


            I really, seriously, prefer what appears to be a bloated PDF viewer, but also lets me view other Adobe files such as Illustrator's AI files.  And does not sneak spyware on my computer in the process...


            hecrowell wrote: