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    Flex on Rails and XML tag data selectors


      Im testing the integration of Flex with Rails and I've been having an issue with passing "hyphenated" data names from the DataGrid to a TextInput for editing. In rails by convention we name multiple word attributes/columns in a database with an underscore to seperate the words. Now when Rails is called upon to send XML data to the Flex app, it turns the underscored attributes into hyphenated attributes for the XML tag names (first_name = <first-name>). My data reader for the XML data works fine for the DataGrid. However when I select that row in the DataGrid to appear in a TextInput, it wont work because the name of the dataField in the DataGridColumn is hyphenated like "first-name" . The TextInput text attribute uses the following code to grab the data from the DataGrid text="{users_dg.selectedItem.firstname}" ...obviously this doesnt work because the actual data name is "first-name" but it appears that I'm not allowed to use a hyphen when referecing a data name .....any ideas.....I have a feeling the answer is obvious but I just cant seem to find it.

      Thanks for any help