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    slicing out a transparent image

    phyllisj9 Level 2

      Okay I'll hazard another newbie question here.  I'm just trying to grasp the general idea on everything so I can work on my school project for this (I'm taking Web Graphics Using Fireworks -- great class but still tons to learn outside the lectures!  I'm jumping ahead, but it's fun.  :-)


      What if I'm using a patterned background with a transparent image on top of it?  I have a layout that uses a photo where I've applied a gradient effect so that it blends into the background.  Ultimately for the Web I'll need that photo as a transparent PNG file to use in Dreamweaver.  I've tried exporting it as a slice, but it always includes the background.  I guess it's necessary to delete the background pattern before exporting that slice?


      (I haven't even tackled the idea of the patterned background yet, but I guess I could slice out a thin piece of it -- I'll assume Firework's texture patterns are seamless.)


      I'm trying to wrap my brain around slicing and how I'll ultimately use it.  :-)


      Thanks for any help,