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    Time glitch?

      Noticed that julie's and caro's schemes are posting as if they were created before my color themes of today, but they were not.

      Is there a time glitch? If so then why did it not happen with chicodeandrade's new scheme?

      Weird stuff...

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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hi, can you give more details on this situation? What themes are you referring to?
          It helps us troubleshoot to have more information. Thanks!
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            Srta._Pinta Level 1
            Hi Sami! :)

            Referring to the musichromatic schemes from Friday. You can see the notes on "Pump It (Black Eyed Peas)" by caro to get an idea of what happened on 08/17/07.

            All but "Pump It" have been deleted and re-created now. If you would like to dig further I am sure there is a way to check those deletions and re-creations. At this point don't do it on my account.

            Maybe one or two, or even 3 or 4 - but so many schemes between two users arose my concern and triggered this post.

            Thanks for your response.
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              Srta._Pinta Level 1
              Sami there is definitely something strange going on with the time. I just created "Kind Gesture" after my Cuba theme and the time is completely different. Nothing has changed on my computer, it is very weird and interesting to say the least. You guys might want to check to see if you have a time bug on your end.

              I am going to email you the print screen, this just occured right now. 08/20/07 11:48pm.

              (My Cuba theme and "Heart of Gold" of tonight have the wrong time, not "Kind Gesture".)
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                SrtaPinta and Sami,

                Sorry, but I actually deleted and recreated "Pump It (Black Eyed Peas)" also, since its comment section was turning into a bug report. The other themes were deleted and recreated since the bug comments placed on the six of mine were identical. I left the Pump It theme comment so that I could give you a response, SrtaPinta. Since you appropriately posted your question here in the forum and had additional examples, I recreated the theme to clean it up.

                If the themes SrtaPinta mentioned aren't sufficient, you also can look at my themes "dada" and the version of "Pump It (Black Eyed Peas)" and compare to "Early Winter Trees" by w.moose. The times shown on the former two were the correct creation time. At the time I created "da da", the "Early Winter Trees" theme create time shown was actually forty minutes earlier than the current time, i.e. in the "future". Perhaps one of the server times is an hour ahead?

                Or maybe SrtaPinta and I can see into the future. ;)


                P.S. Another example just popped up. "violetas" by gentilepau is currently (as of this writing) displaying a "Date Published 8.21.07 at 8:49 AM. My current time showing is 8:27 AM. Now if I create a theme...I'll give it the name "Time Test"-- it shows the proper time for me locally--8:29 AM and violetas shows up earlier in the newest list with the time stamp still in the "future."
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                  Srta._Pinta Level 1
                  Thanks for your info caro - I knew I was not seeing things. LOL! I was beginning to think I spend too much time online, or that my computer had a virus or something - or maybe, just maybe, may have needed new glasses! lol

                  Sorry if it annoyed you guys caro, I posted the same message on all of those schemes to tag it so they can see there was a problem with the time. Oddly enough, those were the only ones with the time issue on Friday, then b posted one and it had the same issue.

                  The time glitch is not consistent which is what makes it so ODD, confusing and interesting.

                  Another day, another glitch, another dollar - and more colors!
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                    Tim Strickland Level 1
                    Hi All,

                    There are actually two issues at play here, one of which we are in the process of fixing:

                    1) The servers were recently restarted, but the time was not reset to Pacific time on one of the servers. Therefore, there was a time differential for some themes. We have two load balanced servers that handle kuler and what you were seeing was that the two server times were not in synch.

                    2) The servers are not located in the same time zone as Adobe offices - which are in Pacific Standard Time. When a theme is saved, it is correctly saved in PST in the database. However, the kuler website is adjusting the time by an hour in the flash U.I. (its too smart for its own good). Therefore themes appear to be off by an hour, even though they are correctly saved by the backend.

                    We are in the process of fixing item #2. As for item #1, If there are any specific themes you think were saved with the incorrect timestamp, please let us know and we can adjust them for you manually.

                    Thanks for your patience,

                    Tim Strickland
                    lead kuler geek

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                      Srta._Pinta Level 1
                      Yeah that is interesting. lol

                      Thanks Tim!!!
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                        CBukley Level 1
                        Good catch, SrtaPinta!

                        Now since Tim's spotted the problem, I'll delete those test themes I created...