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    More Contribute connection problems

      I had contribute 3 and it stop working spent too many hours trying to get it to work again finally gave up and paid upgrade extorsion money to CS3 worked for about a wekk and half now today same problem can not connect to website same error as before. This is a real drain on valuable production time I need some help I can not trouble shoot software every week and make money on hold with phone support now. If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated. I had contribute three for years with no problem now this
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          ThinkInk Level 2
          First suggestion: Have you contacted your provider about changes they possibly made to their server that affected Contribute? It's strange that the program just stopped working like that...

          If you did that and got a negative answer:

          1. How do you connect? Do you use FTP? Do you use a connection key someone sent you?
          2. Are you the administrator of you site?
          3. Are you the only user?
          4. What is your (OS) operating system
          5. Do you know the server your provider is running?
          6. What are the exact error-messages you get and at what time during connecting?