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    Newbie question on animating strokes imported from AI

    jedpaquette Level 1


      I am very new to AE. Even after spending quite a few hours with AE help and googling, I still haven't figured out how to animate strokes on a layer imported as part of an AI drawing (see

      http://www.4shared.com/file/nQRv01dy/Test-2.html ). Specifically, I want the thin arrows in the linked AI figure to grow in place the way a single stroke drawn on a solid layer would with Write On duration (which I have no problem doing!). I have put one of the thin arrows on layer four (actually, the arrow in layer four consists of two strokes, the shaft and the head of the arrow, put together into a group) here just to experiment with. Unfortunately, after much time and effort I seem to be getting nowhere. Could someone enlighten me on how I should proceed.



      I also hope to be able to make the large thick arrows flashed on and off (alternately become visible and invisible). Any suggestions on this would also be very welcome.



      Thanks in advance for any help!