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    InDesign CS5 crashes when clicking on Edit menu or context menu

    BrianTao Level 1

      I had this infuriating problem with InDesign CS4, found a few references to others having the same issue, but never any real solutions.  This problem seems to in InDesign CS5 as well.


      With a document open, if I click the Edit menu or right-click anywhere in the document window (including in the pasteboard area... it does not have to be on an object), ID immediately freezes and I get the Windows 7 "Adobe InDesign CS5 has stopped working" dialog.


      I've deleted the preferences, created a brand new one-page document, and the problem persists.  If no document is open, I can pull down the Edit menu just fine.  With a document open, ID crashes before it even draws the menu.  It does not matter whether I use the mouse or the keyboard to get to the Edit menu.  I can also right-click on things like palette tabs to bring up the context menu.  But I cannot right-click anywhere on the document itself without ID crashing.


      The maddening thing is that the problem did not show up until some time today.  I've brought up an object's Effects window via right-click plenty of times, as well as used the Fitting context menu.  It was working fine last night and earlier this morning.  Then suddenly for no discernible reason, the crashes started happening.  I am not aware of any changes to my system that might reasonably cause this.  No new fonts, no Windows updates, no Adobe updates.


      Any suggestions on how else I can troubleshoot this?