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    Help uploading to webserver




      I have inherited a web project from a former employee who left in a hurry.  Looking at the state of his work, or lack of it, I am glad he is gone, but it leaves me a problem.


      He has created a number of websites using the same images folder and the same pages folder on his pc.  Is there any way of uploading a particular site so that it only takes the relevant files for that site, or will I have to manually go through every page, checking the links to find out what files pertain to that site?






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          You can try putting the pages for the site you need in their own folder and create a new site in DW, making the local folder the one you just created. Then do a search within the entire site for the directory where the images are stored. For example, if they are being targeted as: <img src="c:/mydocuments/images/header.jpg" />, do a site search for "/images/". This way the search query will bring up every instance of "/images/". At that point you just go through each instance and determine the image being used.


          There may be other ways but that just came to mind.

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            Pluribus7158 Level 1

            Thanks, thats what I was trying to avoid having to do as there are over 2500 images used in the site catalogue and more than 50,000 images in the folder he was using as a default images folder...There are also over 600 pages to check and a little under double that in the default pages folder he used.  If there is no other way of doing it, this is going to be a very long job 


            I am trying to figure this out as quickly as I can as the site ideally needs to be uploaded for the client by monday morning.

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              MurraySummers Level 8

              How would he have created a number of websites using the *same* image folder on the local box?  Did he not work from a defined DW site?  Or are all of the webpages co-mingled locally?


              If the websites are at different domains, you could connect to each with DW, and download all the files, each site into a separate root folder.  That would separate things for you.

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                This was part of the reason we terminated his contract.  He was creating websites using his "My documents" folder.  Inside that was a "websites" folder.  The root of the websites folder contained all the various index pages, named for example microsoftindex.html, googleindex.html, etc.  This bit is lucky as it makes it easier for me to find the correct index page.  He created all the other site pages in the "pages" folder using just numbers for the pages, example 1.html, 2 html etc.  The pictures on each page are linked in the same manner, eg 1.jpg, 2.jpg.  In the same way, css files are located in the css folder named 1.css, 2.css etc.


                He also did not define any sites in DW, instead choosing to upload them to customers sites using an ftp app he was familiar with.


                What I suppose I really want to happen is to load the correct index page and find a way to have it (DW) find and package all the content required for that site only in order that I can upload it without having to sort through every page, find every linked file and upload it that way.  I have around 600 pages to the site catalogue that I know about and well over 2000 images I need to upload so going through it all manually is going to take me forever...


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                  MurraySummers Level 8

                  If the sites have all been uploaded to their respective host servers, and if the sites are all functional in their current state, you can connect to each site, download ALL the files and folders from the root of the website into the local root folder of a newly defined DW site, and you will be 90% of the way there.

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                    Pluribus7158 Level 1

                    Some of them have, the problem I am faced with is the website I need for monday

                    has never ben uploaded, it is a completely new site.  I guess I will have to do

                    it the slow way as I need it for close of business monday at the latest.


                    Thanks anyway for all your suggestions.  Maybe a pack and go or export site

                    feature could be built into the next version of DW?

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                      MurraySummers Level 8

                      Here's one more suggestion.  Go here -



                      Get and install Xenu.  Then run the program, browse to the desired home page, and let it spider the links.  It will produce a list of all of the linked pages, like a sitemap for that site.  That will at least get you that far down the road.
                      Then you can upload each page found by Xenu along with its dependent files.  That should do the trick.  Now you can DOWNLOAD all files into a new site's local root and you're done.