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    can you specify the RH version from a command prompt?

    kmaddox1 Level 1

      When using command prompts to generate WebHelp output, is there a way to specify which version of Robohelp will be used?


      Here's the situation:


      We recently upgraded all of our help projects to RH8, installed RH8 on our software build server, and are now successfully using command prompts to generate RH8 output files (webhelp) during our s/w build process.


      However, since the help system for our last major release is still in RH7, we also need to be able to automatically generate output in RH7 using the same build server, which has both versions of the s/w are installed. This is in case we need to send out a patch release before our next major release becomes available.


      When we ran the build program for the last software release (the one with the RH7 help system), the command prompts now cause RH8 to run and to generate RH8 output. But since these files are still in RH7 format, the generated output has various issues with lists and templates--basically all the stuff that I spent 2-3 days fixing manually fix when upgrading to RH8.


      Anyone know how to control which Robohelp version will run when using command prompts? (using RH8 help files with the last software release is not an option--there have been too many changes).