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    Need help.. Custom component will not refresh data being displayed


      Let me thank everyone in advance..


      So my problem is I have my main container, this container is used to navigate to different states.. each state will show a different custom component..

      USE CASE: The user comes in and creates plan, he/she hits create plan.. this popsup a custom component, where the user can name the plan.. This plan name gets stored in a class model.. The user then hits submit, and comes to a review state, where he/she can view the name of the plan. If the user hits create plan, this will take them back to the create plan state, and should allow them to update the plan, so that when the user hits submit once again, the update on the review state will reflect the changes.. This does not happen.. the name of the plan on the review state stays the same, from when the user first went through create plan. Also note: the model gets updated with the new plan name, but for some reason the custom componet(review) does not get updated.


      Is there any way around this?



      Desperatley need some help