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    How can I have a topic name different than the filename of a linked Word document?


      I've encountered multiple issues with linking to Word files ...here's another one: If a Word document is entitled Feature_ABC, then upon generating the HTM after linking it, the HTM's filename and topic name are both Feature_ABC. As underscores are ugly in topic names and features can be renamed, I would hope that I could rename the topic to be different than the filename.


      The Help documentation suggests this is possible by editing the Topic Name Pattern in the Word Conversion Settings dialog of Project Settings. However, reagardless of the Pattern entered, every time I generate or update from the context menu of a linked Word document the topic name remains the same as the filename.


      Because the topic name is shown in the Search panel and browser tabs, it will be a little ugly and may even be confusing. It is possible to edit the HTML directly, but then the HTML is overwritten each time the Word documents are update and the great advantage of using linked documents is lost.


      Is there a way to solve this problem?


      Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.