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    Goto URL - Help Please




      I am a complete novice with flash and dreamweaver, but am creating my web site and am running on my windows PC before publishing.  So I have created all my pages and used flash to create my buttons with action script goto url.


      I have the following directory structure:


      C:Andy/Aceamp/html - Contaions all my web pages (Index, services, contact)

                              /images - contains all pictures and flash SWF files

                             /css - css rules


      I have saved all of my Flash files to C:/ drive, then run the file (Cntl Enter) and copied the swf file to the images directory above


      I created my buttons with action script using goto url  and used C:/andy/aceamp/html/xxx.htm (pages, Index, services ect).  Now this works perfectly well when running on my pc, but i tried to change the action script to ../andy/aceamp/html/xxx.htm but keep getting an error saying page cannot be found.


      I am also looking to publish this site, and the hosting company probably will not have a C;/ drive, and am also looking to migrate files to my new MAC.


      can anyone help or tell me what I am doing wrong, and what i need to do to move files to the MAC and publish with the correct action script


      Thank you in advance