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    should i convert .Mov to Flash?


      Hi there

      Quicktime or Flash is my question. I am in the process of building a membership website to sell streaming video. After paying people would have access to a video gallery of 70 or more videos. On the home page there would be a free preview. The videos were created in iMovie on a Mac.


      My question is should I convert this to flash?


      The reason to convert would be to make the website more accessible to most users on Mac and Pc.


      But. I don't want to lose quality in the conversion.


      And. Would I be turning away customers by leaving it in Quicktime format? Although they would have to leave the site, essentially people could simply download the free Quicktime player for Windows right?


      With Quicktime Player can individuals watch the video in Full screen?


      I posted the same Question in the Quicktime forum. Trying to get an opinion from both sides.




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          markerline Level 4

          Sure, you can watch Quicktime in full screen on Windows.  Quicktime on Mac is a little more robust and offers more features and it comes installed with the OS.  Video quality in general is handled better by Mac computers whether it's FLV or MOV.  The question is how do you wish to spend time coding?  In Dreamweaver you can quickly insert an FLV video whereas with Quicktime you have to code your HTML correctly to display the browser's Quicktime Plug-in.  FLV requires that the browser have Flash installed.  I'm not sure if 64-bit browsers can play Quicktime but they certainly cannot play Flash as the plug-in is not yet supported by 64-bit browsers (I just tried opening a MOV in 64-bit IE but a different agent played the movie than Quicktime, so I'm still not sure on that end)

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            Andrei1 Level 6

            I am afraid there is a misunderstanding. You cannot convert movie (or any video) to Flash. You can definitely make flash play video but not export video into Flash format.

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              Andrei, Can't you convert a MOV to FLV using Adobe Media Encoder?

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                Andrei1 Level 6

                Yes, you definitely can. But FLV is a video - not Flash - format. And it is played/streamed by Flash as any other supported video, including MOV.


                As a matter of fact extension doesn't make practically any difference. Most of the time you stream the file without extension. What is important is how video is encoded.


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                  I was assuming the OP knew that he was dealing with Flash Video (FLV) when discussing Flash format in this post.  I was basically trying to say the same thing--how does the OP want the video to be encoded.  And how does the OP want to code the HTML.  For Quicktime you have to use a different Object/ClassID wrapper than for FLV (which Dreamweaver codes automatically).  Are you saying you can use a Flash Media Player to play MOV videos?

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                    Andrei1 Level 6

                    What do you mean by OP?


                    VP-6, H.264). FLV can be played by Flash only.


                    From, again, Flash perspective, HTML makes no difference - all the functionality is INSIDE Flash APPLICATION (swf). On the other hand, if you want your video to play with HTML5 - this is different story that has nothing to do with Flash.


                    My understanding is that Adobe Media Player can play any video file Flash supports. I am not familiar with it though for I don't have a need in using it.


                    There is no native FLV HTML wrapper - FLV is playing in a swf that is displayed by Flash player. Flash player is embedded into HTML page using object/embed html tags.

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                      OP==original poster, in other words the person who posed the original question in this forum.


                      I understand that Flash has to do with SWF extensions.  But Dreamweaver is able to insert a FLV object on the fly, meaning you don't have to do the object/embed tagging yourself--Dreamweaver does it for you from the menu option:  Insert>Media>FLV .  There is no equivalent in Dreamweaver for MOV embedding.  You have to grab a book or other online resource to get the proper embed tags and classid alphanumerics.


                      I also understand video can be handled by HTML5 which I know nothing about.


                      Are you saying that video can be encoded by the Flash authoring application in any codec it accepts?  I have experienced that I can import various filetypes to create a frame-by-frame animation in the Flash authoring application.  But I was referring to a Flash media player (not Adobe Media Player) but a skinned media player that plays SWF, MOV, FLV, MP4, etc.  I was wondering if a Flash media player  would be able to play all of those file types as a universal delivery option.  Quicktime Player can play MOV and MP4, but I don't think it handles MOV or SWF.  Windows Media Player can handle WMV, and MP4 but I don't think it handles MOV or SWF.


                      Sorry if there was confusion in my post.

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                        Andrei1 Level 6

                        SWF has nothing to do with video formats (mov, flv, mp4, etc.). In other words, SWF IS NOT VIDEO. ONLY Flash player can play SWFs. And SWF can play videos IF CODE FOR VIDEO PLAYBACK is compiled into swf.


                        If you refer to the FLVPlayback component that comes with Flash IDE, it can play any video that is properly transcoded as can Flash player when it has code to play back videos with NetStream. The only way to play FLV in a browser is to play it in a SWF file that needs to be embedded with proper object/embed tags.


                        And video CANNOT be encoded in Flash authoring application. Video files can be embedded on a timeline but this is the worst, least efficient use of Flash/ActionScript video playback capabilities.


                        In order to encode video one has to use a separate video encoding software. One of these encoders is Adobe Media Encoder that comes with Flash. IT DOESN'T create Flash applications but ONLY encodes videos in the formats that are supported by Flash.


                        Also, Flash frames have nothing to do with video frames or how video frames are made.


                        And there is certainly no need for books on embedding swf files. This topic is covered thousand times on the web and is pretty simple.

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                            If you need to convert your video files(.MOV as i understand) to .SWF or .FLV you can also try to use Macvide_VideoFlash_Converter.(http://www.macvide.com/Macvide_VideoFlash_Converter/)It has Friendly and easy-to-use user interface with high numbers of features, such as cropping videos to remove black sides.Easiest way to share your video in Facebook or Youtube without quality loss.

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                              I think you are looking for a converter , and I met this problem before , and I ask my friends how to do with this .He told me a website there are all kinds of converters , But I don't remember the web ,  but I can ask him again . And I will told you as soon as I ask him .

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                                adninjastrator Level 4

                                As a longtime Flash developer myself, I would (with a heavy heart) suggest you move away from using the .flv video format and instead use an mp4 container format. With the huge influence of mobile devices and especially iProducts, the flv is rapidly losing ground as the most popular and versatile video format.... and by the look of things it never again will be as popular or common as it once once.

                                The compression in a .mov file is not that good for the quality you get, resulting in very large files... not a good solution.

                                The mp4 can be handled by many players, however there are some proprietary versions that work better in some players than in others. The Flash version of the mp4 is the .f4v and the iPhone version is the m4v... etc.

                                I have pretty much moved all my videos away from the .flv format and now use the .m4v played in a JWPlayer. I use Quicktime Pro to do the file convertion with the "Export for Web" option. 900kbps bitrate, great quality! and with the JWPlayer, it plays on mobil devices as well as PC and Mac.


                                Here is just one example of an original .avi file converted to .m4v... test it on your PC or iPhone... works great on either:


                                Beside using QuickTime Pro, I sometimes use "Handbrake" to convert .flv files into mp4s.:


                                a great little free conversion program.

                                Best wishes,